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Post by Pandora on Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:46 pm

Plot: Evil interdimensdional force wants to smash ethereal realm, new Lore and Lore all together to destroy them all at once, having a bunch of minions in a chain of command to enact said goal. Areas listed are effected somehow as they are important and the reasons of importance will be explained in story.

Genre: School life/Action/Adventure

Setting: Years before events of New Lore and Kiza got terribly famished. Lore's still plenty populated by intelligent life and New Lore is being settled.

Prominent locations:

Starylus City

Dragonspine Mountains


Darkovia forest.

BattleOn city(Of course it's prominent. It has the freakin' school in it. >.>)



Thunder mountain

BattleOn Private High school(The school from the last school story)

Ethereal Realm

Distortion Realm(A realm where gravity doesn't matter, there is no solid ground and entities can achieve solid footing on the sides of walls as they were standing firmly on the ground. It's essentially a cloned and mutated Ethereal Realm)

Probably new cast with some underused characters as well.

~School uniforms!~

Tie colors:





Boys: Socks can vary on the character's tastes, even though they won't be seen
Cold month months: A beige blazer with white formal undershirt, variable colored tie that the school issues to represent class rank, black pants, black shoes
Warm months: Beige blazer is optional, but not exactly advised, white short sleeved formal shirt still wear the tie, black pants and black shoes

Girls: Socks can vary on character's tastes, just keep them either white or black.
Cold months:Beige blazer with white formal undershirt, variable class tie, black mini skirt, black shoes
Warm months: White short sleeved formal shirt, black mini skirt, black shoes

Confirmed cast so far:

Marcus(Sophomore){Razor main}
Jay(newcomer Freshman)[Arcus main}
Mia(Newcomer Senior)
Alicia(Newcomer Calculus teacher)
Lily(Combat PE teacher assistant)
Fierce(Combat PE teacher)
Zera(Biochemistry teacher)
Schaver(Newcomer Sophomore){Proxzki main}
Blossom(Clothing teacher){Wiggles main}
~Council members~
Seymour(Vice President)
Lev(Defense organization leader, adviser to President, President's bodyguard)

School basic building list:

Dorm building(Houses all of the students, it's a large, three story building)

Science wing building(Contains all the science-y stuff, such as the biochemistry lab/classroom)

Calculations/Business wing(Contains business-directed classrooms and the entire math wing within)

Faculty building(Large, circular building surrounding the Dean's tower which obviously towers over all of the buildings, doubling as a clock tower. Dean has his observatory in the top floor in which he monitors everything that goes on throughout the day. The faculty meets in the surrounding building for meetings and such, their offices are also located here)

Sports gymnasium(Large gymnasium building used for regular PE classes. Also contains a workout facility available to all students and staff all throughout the day)

Library/media center(Circular building building that is linked via a paved walkway to the dorms and all of the school buildings. Contains the school's expansive library and multiple computer rooms and the school's network servers)

Arts building(Contains all art classrooms, duh. Also, the music wing is connected to this rectangular building)

Combat gymnasium(Large building that contains the combat gymnasium, used to teach students the ways of combat and to control and use their powers correctly, it also contains a second floor which houses the classes relating to combat practices)

Academics building(Contains all the ordinary academics including academic electives)

Clubs building(Two story building that contains all of the club rooms)

Food Court(Large indoor cafeteria with a surrounding outdoor lunch area)

Hunter Kennel building(Building contains hunter companion kennel, the largest in all of Lore as well as a dedicated staff of qualified veterinarians)

Infirmary(Take a guess what it is, geniuses)

Main building(A flower-shaped building with all of the separate wings attached resembling leaves off the stem that makes the long entrance hall to the building. The entrance hall provides space for bulletin boards containing advertisements for clubs, class rosters, test placements, really, anything paper goes along the walls of the hall, the main building also contains classrooms for the primary school subjects)

Important groups!

Student Council: A council of elected students headed by the Council President. The Council works to oversee student activities from a student level. They also help in putting together school-thingies like dances and school events. Some say the elections were totally rigged. (And before this gets brought up in the actual story, it's supposed to be a stupid rumor no one should believe. I'm looking at you, Razor)

The Student Defense Organization: Sort of like the student police force, glorified hall monitors, if you will. They're an elite group of strong students whose job it is to keep the rest of the student body safe. they are headed by the Council Treasurer.

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