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Lore: The After Years Empty Lore: The After Years

Post by Arcus on Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:41 am

Yes, a reference to the FFIV sequel game.

Anyway, the plot goes that there are two very androgynous brothers born of Lore's harvest goddess and a powerful human dragon slayer(Not that Galanoth punk, if you're wondering) named Cole and Len. Originally, while in the womb, they were to be part of a set of triplets with a sister, however, she disappeared while the three were still developing, her DNA swallowed and shared between the two brothers that grew as twins. It's because the two brothers share their sister's DNA that they at all resemble women. However, the two brothers have their sister to thank for all of the magical powers they have. Because they are both demigods, they do have their divine heritage to thank for their superhuman abilities too. However, the two brothers were never close, growing up. They were always at odds with each other and would always squabble and fist fight. The two brothers both were very different as well. Cole was always into magic and the arcane, especially when it came to the dead. Oppositely, Len always liked physical combat, especially when it came to pairs of short swords. Because Cole was fascinated with the dead, he was invited to become a necromancer, which he jumped at when the opportunity arose. Len, still continuing to be Cole's opposite, was invited by Artix himself to train to become a paladin, but Len turned him down, stating that he had no intentions with dealing with powers from light and gods if he was half of a god anyway. Len eventually became a BattleOn guardian, trained in the art of dual-wielding short swords. Cole became a very powerful and talented necromancer and driven by the greed brought on by his powers and abilities, Cole wanted to be able to become the single most powerful necromancer ever and conquer all of Lore with a near endless army of powerful undead warriors and so, he began his search for the dark elemental orb and the fabled necronomicon. After seeing the destruction his twin brother caused in their(made-up) hometown of Lonridge, Len vows to pursue his now evil twin brother to the ends of Lore in order to stop his madness and kill him. That is where the rest of the cast, Len's troupe of friends and comrades, the rest of you guys, comes in.

Of course, you guys don't exactly HAVE to side with Len though. I am willing to accept the option of aiding Cole in his quest to become the most powerful necromancer in all the history of Lore and conquer the entire planet.

Characters that we already have that will be making appearances whether for cameo purposes or to serve as heroes or villains(This list is open to requests on adding more canon characters):

Amy Warden(The slayer girl that showed up in the latest summer story)

Jessica(Because I know wiggles would want it)

Courtney(Again, I'm being good to Wiggles, Wiggles, you really have an option on which canon character you want to add and can use)

Britney(Wiggles' character again)

Blossom(Helping wiggles)

Marcus(Razor's better off just using this character in the story)



Mizuki(Believe it or not, she'll actually be evil for this)



Zera(Re-imagined I guess)


Camille Rider(A friend to Amy Warden, she's busty....That's all that's good about her)

Celix(Gonna try and get Robbie and Makon's kid in this one even though according to actual timeline, he won't actually exist for another 700 years even after the events of this story, but hey, his place in the timeline can always change since he's not actually an official character yet)

Len(The main protagonist)

Cole(The main antagonist)

Amy Warden(She's not actually confirmed since she doesn't have a bio yet, but she'll be coming regardless)

Now who wants in on this awesome story?

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