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Post by Razorshell on 11/19/2012, 4:09 pm

Nela, is a person in which needs to be taken to a safe place to their rightful owner in Margine. They must undertake a dangerous journey in which great amounts of misfortune try to deprive them of Nela in their care. They also must protect the Nela without the her knowing about it.

They’ll later find out that Nela is quite troublesome, and tries to escape or sidetrack the mission. The destination has been destroyed , and the escorts must take upon themselves the job that either the destination or their charge was meant to do when it got there. Nela is a person attempting a political defection. Safe arrival at the destination doesn't end the story; the escorts must bargain with their charge as their token (exchanging money for a hostage, for instance). Thus the story goes on.......

[Character sheet]




Specialty in mission:

Personality: (Don’t really think it’s important, but will add diversity in the story...I guess)

Bio: (Not required, but if you want one, go ahead)

*All characters for this story will be added to the description of the story

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