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Lore: Deus Ex Revengeance Calamity Trigger Empty Lore: Deus Ex Revengeance Calamity Trigger

Post by Proxzki on Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:42 pm

This is just a thread for discussing the story, extending the plot past killing the Biggest Bad at the end of the current plot, and character bios beyond those me and Arc made for the Yaoi story building up to this story.

Some important info:

Aquila was and still is part of the Royal Guard. He was its Commander. Rather young to be one, but his mother, the Empress favored him, so he was ascended to the rank. Although of royal blood, he was not spoiled by his parents, but sent to live with peasants for the beginning of his life to understand their struggle so he might rule justly someday. He is cybernetic, his Augmentation being his skeleton. He is kidnapped by the GDF at the beginning of the story, and had found out his real mother was the Queen and that Zera was his father, though Zera was a rebellion leader rather than the King. Obviously he did not let his bloodline get to his head afterward.

There are two kinds of magical resources: Mana and Ether. Ether drawing from the spirit world and being more efficient than mana but very difficult to tap into, and mana being easier to access. Most people in the world don't have access to magic, as it, along with firearms, have been outlawed. Ironically the GDF utilize magic of all kinds and firearms and above all, nuclear weapons. They have been plotting and gradually becoming more corrupt with each passing day until they were finally set to take over the world they were meant to protect.

To bring their tyranny to light, Zera broadcast hacked, live camera footage of the Empress' current, abused and tortured state to the world. The Empress, being loved by all as she was not snobby or stuck up, but very kind and personable, became the source of global outrage, requiring the GDF to hastily exercise their power and authority before they could completely usurp all the power they could've potentially had. Zera became a martyr when Aquila slayed him, Aquila being bound by duty and honor to do so.

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