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Post by NeonKnightmare on Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:50 am

You are now enrolled in the Academy 51. This is a school like no other, where your no longer alone and always have others around who are very much like you.
You find yourself at this school only if you are a special individual. You may have been sent here by your family because they fear you, Or you have been brought here to help keep you safe. Once you are brought here you are not allowed to leave, until YOU ARE DEEMED SAFE TO BE IN SOCIETY. There are all the commodities at Academy 51 that there would be in a real society. There is even shop's where you can buy new weapons,Clothes,and other things for your room and self. There is training areas and sports locations for fitness.

While you are here you will always have a family.

Academy 51's School ground/Dorms is in the center of the entire map.
To the North is crystel lake and even farther north is the Abandoned Mansion.
To the northeast is the Playground and Dodgeball Field. and in between Dodge ball field and blood woods is winds Garden. and next to winds Garden is Mana's Willow Field.(Need teachers permission)
To the East is the Blood woods and Training Field.
To the Far southeast is Angels Peek and Phoenix's Waterfall
To the South is the Arch Woods and the Entrance onto the Campus.
To the west is the Shopping Center and Battle simulator(Need teacher Permission)
And to the Northwest is the Dark Caves, the Technology labs and Mineral/crystal caves(Need teacher permission), and dragons Medow.
Mystery location Yofiel's home!(need her permission to go to.
When on this RP please don't be on another at the same time. Tell us when you are leaving so we know when to stop talking to you.
Please no spamming.
Please be as literate as possible.understand the occasional mistype.
No text talk I cant read text talk so please don't do it. I don't mind Acronyms As long as the first time it is used you write the full version out.
No killing. Unless you give permission to someone.
This is a PG-13 RP.
No god mod-ding.
Please feel free to join.
Start with one weapon only.
There is no story.
please no copying of a persons talents or traits unless they give you permission. An example would be no more taking a persons skill that you just started and becoming or making yourself really good really fast. And don't make it seem easy to learn in anyways. I do not like this and I keep getting complaints from other people.


Years at Academy/ or new:
Bio: Must be at least one paragraph long.


Name: Yelena Daystar(the Lady Yelena Daystar)
Age: way to old to list but she looks roughly 23.
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Bronze
Eyes: Soft bluish green jade
Race: Elven
Powers: Shadow Manipulation, Hightened Agility, Healing Touch, Mental Block (no sensing her or reading her mind) , Matter Manipulation!!!
((teachers have a few extra powers PPL please don't freak out!)
Weapon: Magical Twin silver Katanas both across her back, one hilt near her lower right hip, the other just over her left shoulder. (the magic on the blades is that of searing heat, cutting through most anything. The upside to this is that the wound is cautrized the moment the blade makes contact.)
Years at Academy: Started this year as a Teacher.
Likes: Quiet, tranquility, respect, music, and even dancing on occassion.
Dislikes: Disrespectful loud mouths, bullies, men who think they are better than everyone else, flustering girls who don't know how to stand up for themselves.
Bio: Yelena is the oldest of twin sisters, and for the most part, the sweeter one too! She loves teaching others to defend themselves, and have the courage to do the right things at all times. Nothing else is really known about her right now.
Classes she teaches:
Tactical Defense
Battle Tactics
Weapons (staff, long sword, short sword, sword and shield, mace/morning star, katana, fans, and a number of small knives)
Hand to Hand martial arts
RESPECT (if not fear, but either works)
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Academy 51 Empty Re: Academy 51

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:00 am

This one looks like fun! I wanna try! cheers

Name: Alastair Wyler

Age: 19

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 155 lbs.

Powers: Multiplication (Of weapons and other objects)

Weapons: Starts out with A tricked-out Yo-Yo (unbreakable string and blade attatched are made of his energy), buys more weapons later

Years at Academy/ or new: 1 year

Likes: Originality, sharing snacks with friends, moments alone with friends, Capoiera Martial Arts (when he's without weapons), Sweets

Dislikes: Spicy food, Cats (THEY hate HIM...), being forced to stand next to half-naked people, lying, formal speaking/attire

Bio: Must be at least one paragraph long.

Alastair Wyler; a once normal teenage boy, he stumbled upon Academy 51 after days of running from the police. Why were they after him, you ask? He was a wanted criminal, convicted of killing every single one of his classmates. All of those happy, once smiling faces now lie dead at his feet. The murder weapon? A seemingly simple toy yo-yo, left at his feet. The wielder, however, wasn't him; a figure dressed in chained attire burst into the 3rd story window and unleashed a fury of iron whips. After being caught by Alastair, the murderer knocked him out and left the weapon. After being taken to the hospital, he was arrested and charged with murder. After breaking out of a psych-ward, he grabbed the yo-yo and ran away, leaving his old life behind.


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Academy 51 Empty Re: Academy 51

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:46 pm

No way!!! Very Happy


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Academy 51 Empty Re: Academy 51

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