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Post by Proxzki on Tue May 22, 2012 7:48 pm

[WT=Working Title]

Test Opening

"...most of the time the borderlands are nothing but burning villages, attempts to push the border of Grimoire and the the holy influence of the Templar into the dark side of the planet. One particular village has been actively protected by the Templar though no one knows why it is so much more valuable to them than other townships nearby. For all intents and purposes it is an outpost in an area almost devoid of light where the front line also happens to be. The most recent battle has raged on for weeks with the demons being forced to fall back towards a mountain that is merely a mass of floating shards.

Currently the area around the mountain has been secured with hundreds of small encampments dotting the flat lands that lay between the borderlands and the mountain. Now the Templar are sending a specialized reconnaissance team to deal with whatever lurks inside."

A pale-skinned boy laughs lightly as he throws a crumpled newspaper into a pit fueled by the corpses of dead soldiers. His violet hair blows west with the breeze as his gold, right eye looks toward the army that lays in wait at the base of the mountain. While playing with bandages that enshroud the left third of his face he begins to speak to a skeletal figure in the background. His voice is distinctly rough for someone who appears so youthful.

"Why do they so arrogantly push forward into our domain, father?". The response comes forth from a dark and grim voice that seems to bear with it the essence of a biting chill.

"Their faith blinds them to the true dangers they are facing Makon...they do not understand that marching into the darkness is to march into their own graves."

The boy acknowledges with a contemplative hum as he plucks and pulls at the many buckles and chains that hold his dully shaded clothing together.

Down below, at the entrance to the cave system that connects the shards of the mountain together stands a group of warriors under the employment of the Templar to take back the mountain so that the Grimoirian Standard may grace the forsaken land with its holy presence.

Setting: Grimoire, a planet in a universe parallel to that of Lore that is literally a fractured semi-sphere that knows only despair. Its other half is lost to the Void, the demonic realm that shrouds a large portion of the planet in darkness, though its influence ebbs as it approaches the light-dampened borderlands between Grimoire and itself.


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